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About Me

I am an aspiring Developer. Here is a little bit about me. Just a little. I have always loved traveling and adventures. So far I have only visited Nepal, India, Canada and the USA but it is one of my dreams to visit atleast one country from each continent as well as the 7 wonders of the world. My recent traveling adventure was a cross country trip from the West coast to the East.

I have a cat and two little chubby budgies. If you do not know much about Budgies. They are a kind of Parrot. One of them is a male with very soft yellow feathers and the other one is a female albino.


Here is my little kitty taking a long nap after another long nap.

Past Experiences

Employment History
Years of Employment Title Company
2019-2020 STEAM Instructor Geek Forest
2019-2020 Online business Zen Elites
2017-2018 Kindergarten Teacher ESPN Kids Center

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  • Some places I want to Visit
    1. Indonesia
    2. Greece
    3. Egypt
    4. Switzlerland
  • Sports
    1. Volley Ball
    2. Badminton
    3. Pingpong
    4. Soccer
  • Things I want to Do
    • Bunjee Jumping
    • Rafting
    • Hiking
    • Paragliding
    • Sking
  • Things I want to Learn
    • Sing
    • Guitar
    • write better
    • Yoga
    • Dance